Welcome to Dresden Stem Cell Lab!

Dr. rer. nat. Angela Jacobi



MK1-L11, Stem cell lab 2
University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus
Technische Unversität Dresden

Fiedlerstraße 27
01307 Dresden

Ph: +49-351-458 6661


Scientific Career

01/2014-present Project Leader at Biotec, AG Jochen Guck – Cellular Machines at TU Dresden, Germany
09/2008-08/2014 Project Leader at Center for Translational Bone, Joint and Soft Tissue Research, TU Dresden, Germany
08/2005-08/2008 PhD Student, AG Sebastian Brenner – Genetherapy, TU Dresden, Germany
03-08/2005 Research Assistant, Institute of Microbiology, TU Dresden, Germany



07/2016-07/2019      Mechthild Harf Research Grant


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